We love North Carolina food. North Carolina has it all. You’ll find Barbecue, fried food, 5 star restaurants and much much more. If you’re hungry right now click these links to find a restaurant near you.  CharlotteRaleigh, Greensboro, and more places.  The main things we talk about are restaurants in downtown Charlotte and some of the amazing Raleigh takeout places that are yummy. You can find restaurants by clicking the buttons below. We rounded up some of the best places in the area for cuisine, wine and fine dining. We also spent time looking at barbecue places. You name it.
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One of our favorite places is Bojangles. It’s a fried chicken place and it’s only in the Carolinas. You’ll find tasty and tender fried chicken here. You’ll also get sides like dirty rice. Sure there are more expensive places to eat. But Bojangles is a local favorite that won’t break your wallet.

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Monday through Saturday 5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM


We don’t live in North Carolina but we’ve traveled through here a lot. We visit often. We always try new places and we’re always looking for more.  So we’re not local but we got an outsider’s view of the North Carolina restaurant scene. And the scene is really happening! Checkout the latest in restaurant news.

Learn About North Carolina Barbecue

By the early 19th century at the most recent, a sauce of vinegar and red pepper cayenne was being sprinkled on the end product. This ur barbecue could be seen to this day in eastern North Carolina as well as the adjoining areas of South Carolina and Virginia, basically unchanged. West of Raleigh the straightforward vinegar as well as pepper sauces of the east generally get an infusion of tomato ketchup, and frequently over one of an idiosyncratic number of Secret elements as well, but piedmont sauces continue to be thinner and more vinegary than what’s seen in states to the south as well as west or, for that matter, in grocery stores.

In both east and piedmont, sauced grill with slaw on top could almost always be acquired as a sandwich on a hamburger bun. If purchased as a tray or plate grill is normally served now with hushpuppies, though some old style places still offer at least the option of cornpone or white bread or rolls. There are also east west differences in sidedishes: Brunswick stew and/or boiled potatoes, for example, are more often found in the east. Barbecue has become high on the comprehensive list of cultural markers separating the coast plain from the piedmont. The upcountry convention lacks the antiquity of George Washington’s variation, however it also has a presidential imprimatur: the Reagan government engaged the catering providers of Wayne Monk of Lexington for the 1983 Economic Summit in Williamsburg. Never House cooking, until the early twentieth century grill was mostly earmarked for special occasions like crops, fundraisers, and political rallies.

Learn About North Carolina Gourmet Hamburgers

One of the great gourmet burger places in the area is Hops Burger Bar. But first a little background on the modern Hamburger is said to be an American creation impressed by the Hamburg steak which sailors brought with them from Germany – perhaps a kind of meatball, that was popular in this European port city. With a steady increase in the amount of gourmet hamburger that appear on restaurant menu recently, the days of bland burger and soggy tomato on stale bread rolls, luckily seem to be over. In Cape Town, the gourmet hamburger is nearly enjoying celebrity status and may even be found on menus throughout the city. One which should definitely not be overlooked, is the burger roll: it should be fresh and soft, but sturdy enough to support the patty and it is trimmings, and be topped with lightly toasted sesame seeds.

Then there is the toppings which may include something from the classic onion rings and tomato sauce, to chutney, mushrooms, guacamole, sour cream, bacon or perhaps a wide range of cheeses. In the quirky Royale in Long Street, perhaps a broad range of gourmet hamburger are served in such inspiring versions as ostrich patties with beetroot relish, poultry breast with brie and cranberries, or the plain Royale with caramelized onions and garlic aioli. The home speciality of sweet potato chips served with sour cream and chilli jam adds a tasty twist. It is the perfect place to sit and watch Long Street multicultural residents stroll by. At the heart of De Waterkant village in Greenpoint, the cozy Caf Manhattan serves a pleasantly simple skyscraper cheese hamburger, whilst in downtown Sea Point, Saul’s Saloon boast the biggest hamburger in town. If it is a classic burger you are after, do not despair, they’re still around. In the popular Spur steak ranches pleasantly smoky char grilled beef patties combined with onion rings and french fries, is served with amazing consistency through the country.

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